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Friday, January 19, 2007

Salaries of teachers in Natal will be raised.

Carlos Eduardo Alves, Mayor of Natal
Carlos Eduardo,
Mayor of Natal.

Good news for anyone who likes Natal.

The mayor Carlos Eduardo Alves announced today a raise in salaries of the teachers of the municipal schools, starting March of this year.
The raise will be of 23.74%. This is surprising, not only because inflation rate last year was around 3%, but also because the Government and the Union of teachers had already agreed on an increase of 17.81%.

If this raise is confirmed, the accumulated raise since January of 2001, when Mr. Alves took office as Mayor, will be of 93.1%, way above the inflation indexes, which stayed at around 55%. Besides, Mr. Alves declared that, among other actions to support education, his Government created a Career Plan to teachers, invested in new schools and started providing free uniform and learning material to students.

With this raise, the new minimum salary of a teacher, for a shift of 20 hours per week, will be R$ 842.90, or around US$ 400 (the minimum salary for general workers will be R$ 380, for a 40 hour shift); a teacher at the top of career will earn around R$ 2,000.00, also for a 20 hour shift.
The Mayor says that Natal will be the city in the Northeast of Brazil which pays the highest salaries to teachers.

Our congratulations to the Mayor Carlos Eduardo Alves.


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