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Friday, December 29, 2006

Foreign investments: some statistics

Newspaper Jornal de Hoje published a report on Wednesday, December 27th, about foreign investments in the Northeast of Brazil.

The source of the information, according to the report, was the Central Bank of Brazil, Bacen; the market of foreign currency in Brazil is fully regulated by Bacen, which monitors each dollar which moves in and out of the country.

According to Bacen, Rio Grande do Norte is the State in the Northeast of Brazil which most received investments of foreign individuals in 2005; the article doesn't say so, but probably most of these investments were towards the acquisition of real estate. Notice that the statistics refer only to individuals, and do not include the investments made by corporations.

A total of US$ 127 million were invested in all the States of Northeast combined. Rio Grande do Norte was the one which, by far, received the most: US$ 61 million; Bahia came in second, with U$ 33 million; Pernambuco received US$ 1.5 million; Paraiba received only US$ 154 thousand. The report doesn't mention any other State, but it is very likely that CearĂ¡ had received the biggest part of the remaining US$ 31 million (check out this post about investments in the northeast of Brazil).

The report also says, withouth mentioning specific figures, that Bahia is the State in Northeast where the highest number of permanent visas is granted; Rio Grande do Norte is the second State in the Northeast, and tenth in Brazil, to grant permanent visas.


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