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Friday, November 03, 2006

Daylight Saving WILL NOT be adopted in Natal

At 00:00 am of November 5th, several States of Brazil, including Brasília, will adopt daylight saving time; clocks shall be setup to 01:00am. This will last until 00:00 am of February 25th 2007; then, in the States which adopted the saving time, clocks should be setup to 11:00 pm.

The States in the Northeast of Brazil (including Rio Grande do Norte) do not adopt the daylight saving time.
This means that, during that period, time in Natal will be one hour less than in Brasilia (when it is 8pm in Brasilia, it will be 7pm in Natal).
This difference may affect some activities, like watching Brazilian TV channels, or taking a long distance flight.

The intention of the daylight saving is, like everywhere in the world, to save energy.
In the Northeast, where sun rises sooner and sets later, it makes even more sense to adopt the new saving time. Actually, it doesn't make any sense to adopt the scheme in the South of Brazil and not to adopt it in the North.
It used to be the case that all States in the Northeast adopted the saving time. However, a few years ago, large States in the region like Bahia and Pernambuco refused to adopt it, alleging that, because people would have to leave home earlier, when the Sun wouldn't as high, there could be an increase in criminality.
Ever since, the entire Northeast is outside the daylight savings zone.

The maps below show the difference in time between Brazilian States.

Normal time in Brazil

Times during the daylight saving period


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