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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brazilian airports become a chaos

On September 29th, a tragedy occurred in Brazil: a Boeing 737 and a Legacy jet collided on air; the Boeing crashed, killing 155; the Legacy managed to land. Read what BBC wrote about the airplane collision in Brasil. Until today, the investigations about the causes of the accident are still in progress.

One of the possible causes is a failure in the Brazilian flight control; the failure can be human, of procedures or of equipments.
Since the accident, the flight control personnel, both military and civilian, has been declaring that they work in very stressful conditions; according to them, because there are too few flight controllers, each one of them is obliged to work long hours, and to control more flights at the same time than the recommended safe limit.

Since the last week of October, the flight controllers adopted a radical measure: they would follow ALL security rules. For example, they would work only the recommended number of hours; they would control only the recommended number of simultaneous flights; they would allow an aircraft to take off only thirty minutes after the previous one.

Result: the major Brazilian airports (Brasilia, São Paulo and Rio Janeiro) became a chaos. Some flights had delays of up to 24 hours; many flights were cancelled; the airport waiting rooms were overcrowded.

Natal was not in the center of the problem, but suffered the consequences. Most flights which arrive in Natal come from the major airports; when a plane delayed there, all the flights along the chain were also delayed.

The Brazilian authorities are trying to take measures to sort the situation, but any solution involves the training of new controllers, and it takes time.
Nobody can guarantee when the situation will return to normality.


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