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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Population revolted against new condo in Ponta Negra

There is a project under progress to build three vertical condos very near the Morro do Careca, in Ponta Negra beach, main landmark of Natal. The project was approved by the Secretaries of Urbanization and of Environment.

Tribuna do Norte reports today that the population of Ponta Negra is fiercily against the construction of the buildings. A group led by journalist Yuno Silva is making a call for lawyers, engineers, architects and authorities to better discuss the problem.
The dwellers of Ponta Negra say that the three buildings will cover the view of Morro do Careca, one of the most beautiful and famous views in Natal. Besides, the aglomeration of another 200 families in a small space will create further problems to the area, such as increase in transit of vehicles and difficulties with sewage infrastructure. Many people recall also that, very recently, the Secretary of Environment obtained a judicial order to stop the building of a hotel in Via Costeira (read here), and wouldn't have taken the necessary precautions to issue a license now.

The full article by Tribuna do Norte is here.
It is interesting to read the comments posted by readers. There is a nearly unanymous feeling that the city government should be more concerned with the excessive growth of Ponta Negra; that beach was the favorite of natalenses just a few years ago, and today every square meter of it is being taken by foreigners.

Update: today, 29th, the Mayor of Natal said that the licenses would be revised. Mr. Carlos Eduardo Alves said that, even though the Secretary of Environment had issued the licenses, he would ask the Juridical Advising sector of the government to have a second, more thorough, looking at the whole process.
By the tone of his speech, it looks like the Mayor want the licenses to be revoked. This is clearly a response to the action of the population. The voice of the people was heard.


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