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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Marina of Natal to be completed in 2008

The Mayor of Natal met yesterday with representatives of Spanish group BCM Ingenieros S.L.
BCM presented the project of the Marina of Natal, which will be analysed by the Secretaries of Infrastructure and Tourism of Natal.
If the project is approved, the marina should be ready to open in July of 2008. This marina will take an area of 50 hectares, being 25 hectares of wet space and 25 hectares of dry space. The marina will have a capacity of 500 boats; in the dry area, there will be apartments for the staff, a park, a museum and a nautical school.

According to the Mayor, the marina should increase the number of visitors to Natal; currently, the nearest marina is located in located in Salvador, Bahia.
The marina of Natal will be built around the Iate Clube de Natal, about 500 meters into the Potengi river, about 500 meters distant from the Fort of Wise Kings.


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