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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Judicial order to prevent dengue in Natal

Dengue is a tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes which exists in several States of Brazil, including Rio Grande do Norte.

For a few years now, the Government has maintained a programme to combat dengue. The intent is to kill the larvae of the mosquitoes, which need still water to incubate (like the water of abandoned swimming pools, flower vases, abandoned tires); the rainy season (April - August) is the best period to do it.
During this period, there are smoke-trucks going around the city (the smoke, harmless to humans, creates a layer on top of still water, killing larvae) and there are health crews visiting each house in Natal.
Thanks to this action, the number of cases of dengue is becoming fewer and fewer (a few people died in past years, though).

Strange as it may seem, one of the problems faced by the government is the lack of collaboration from the population. Several houses are locked, preventing access from the crews, and there are also several families who, for several reasons (all related to ignorance), do not want to give access to the crews.

Yesterday, Judge Odlanir Sakel Maia Guedes authorized the Health Secretary to enter 227 houses in Natal, using police force if necessary.

Good to see that the health authorities are doing their jobs.


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