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Monday, July 17, 2006

Each day, 184 drivers are fined in Natal

On July 16th, Tribuna published statistics about the transit in Natal.
Full article is here.
According to STTU, the official Transit Authority in Natal, in the year of 2005, a total of 67,200 transit fines were imposed; this accounts to 184 fines/day, or a fine every eight minutes.

The main infractions were: passing red lights; over speeding; parking in forbidden places; driving while talking to a cell phone; forbidden conversions.

Interesting to notice the reaction of the readers.
Most people who posted a reply considered that there is an excessive number of fines; several people accuse police and transit wardens of corruption; many complain that the transit equipment is obsolete or ill maintained, and others complain that there is not enough space to park.
The Brazilian middle class is not accostumed to obeying the law.

But anyone who looks around the transit in Natal can see that this amount of fines is too low, not too high. For each driver who is fined for crossing a red light, there are other ten drivers who are not noticed; the same happens for all the other infractions. If all infractors in Natal were caught, the number of fines would be much higher.


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