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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Violence in Natal x Violence in Brazil

Two related news.

Tribuna do Norte published in the cover page today (May 14th): "In 3 months, 130 homicides. Fear surrounds Natal". See link here. The figures were provided by ITEP (Institute Technical-Scientific of Police), the official institution in charge of collecting data about, among others, crime and death in Rio Grande do Norte.
If the average is maintained, there will be 520 homicides until the end of the year. Tribuna says that this is the most violent year ever in the History of the city. The newspaper interviewed some people who were victims of assaults recently, all of which living in the area of Rocas (the district along the Potengi River between the Fortress of Wise Kings and the Port of Natal).
By comparison, there were 1,662 murderers in New York City from 2003 to 2005 (average of 534 per year); see graph here.

Meanwhile, in São Paulo, gangs of criminals are promoting concerted rebellions across the State. More than 50 people were killed this weekend alone. Read more at the BBC website.

Natal is still an island of peace in Brazil.


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