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Friday, May 12, 2006

Murderers are arrested

Tribuna do Norte published today that the murderers of Alex Fernando de Santana were arrested; read here.

The criminals were arrested near the small city of Solânea, in the State of Paraíba. They were coming back to Natal in a van (for public transportation), which was stopped by a Police blitz; the Police found it suspicious that one man was carrying a gun. The Police apprehended the cellular phone of the suspects and made a phone call; that phone belonged to Alex, and the call was to his parents, who contacted the Police in Natal.

This is the profile of the murderers: Marcos, aged 20, musician (he pulled the trigger); Bruno, 21, student; Emerson, 33, sells artcraft in Pipa beach.
Police found out that they had been to Solânea last Sunday, and arranged with a buyer the selling of a car which was still to be robbed; back to Natal, they walked around Neópolis until finding a car they needed (Alex's car).
Marcos said that this was his first assault, he was too nervous; he shot because he thought that Alex could react.


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