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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

French tourist stabbed in Ponta Negra

A couple of French tourists who was staying in a small Pousada by the beach in Ponta Negra had their room invaded by a thief; the man reacted, and was stabbed with a knife in the belly; he was taken to a hospital, where he is under intensive care (see report here).
The thief was arrested, and was visibly under influence of drugs.

I have just watched the manager of the hotel, mr. Arsênio José Santos, giving a corageous interview to RN TV, the most popular mid-day news program in Rio Grande do Norte.
According to him, his hotel and others in his neighborhood were assaulted several times. This is the third time that the assaulter is arrested, and turned to the Police. Mr. Santos says that, in the previous occasions, the assaulters were free in just a few days.
Mr. Santos added that he constantly sees acts of violence and vandalism in Ponta Negra, but doesn't see much Police action. He thinks that the Police is working with a wrong focus, by arresting tourists who don't carry their passports, and letting criminals free. He finished with an invitation to the Secretary of Public Security to visit Ponta Negra by night and knowing the real situation.

The Pousada in question is one of the smallest in Ponta Negra (a two-storey house turned into a small hotel), thus more exposed to burglars.
Why would a manager put his business at risk by declaring that he his hotel is constantly "visited" by assaulters? It looks like the manager is in desperate need of Police forces help.
The name of the hotel was mentioned on TV, but not on the Tribuna report. We won't mention the name either, to avoid stigmatization.


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