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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dam attracts visitors

It has been raining as expected in Natal, and more than the average in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte.
So much rain in the interior is filling up the "açudes" (rustic reservoirs of beaten clay used by the poorer peasants to accumulate water) and the "represas" (large reservoir with a dam); in the case of Açu, the largest water reservoir in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte, the valves of the dam had to be opened to release the water (otherwise, the water would overflow).

This fact (opening of dams because of excessive water) is called in Portuguese "sangria" (bleeding).
Most people who live in the interior know that water is essential for their lives, and that water can never be taken for granted. When the dam bleeds, they know that they will be able to cultivate their small plantations and feed their families (until next year, when raining is, again, just a possibility).

They call the "sangria" the "show of waters". For most, indeed, watching the water coming through the dam is like a show, in the sense that they see something that makes them happy.
Tribuna do Norte reports that people come from far away, walk the last three kilometers to reach the dam, and yet say that they are fascinated by looking at the water.
These people really know the value of water.


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