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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Clodoaldo Silva, an athlete from Natal

Clodoaldo Silva is not only a Paralympic Swimming Athlete; he is the best one in Brazil and one of the best in the World.

This past weekend (5th - 7th May), Clodoaldo participated of the Paralympic World Cup, which happened in Manchester, UK.
Not only did he win the 100 m freestyle, but he also set a new world record. Earlier, in the qualifying for the 50 m, he had also lowered the world record, but this was lowered again by Sweden’s Anders Olsson in the finals.
Read more about the Manchester Paralympic World Cup.

Breaking records is becoming a routine for Clodoaldo; in the last Paralympic Games, in Athens, 2004, he won six gold medals and set four world records.
Read more about Clodoaldo Silva.


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