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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bus ticket to raise

Natal busFrom May 27th, the ticket of public buses in Natal will raise from R$ 1.45 to R$ 1.60, or, at current exchange rates, from US$ 0.66 to US$ 0.73, or, in euros, E 0.52 to E 0.58.

Bus owners were not happy. They wanted R$ 1.90. The R$ 1.60 is the average price of all capitals in the Northeast of Brazil.

Passengers are even less happy. Getting to work and back to home will cost at least R$ 3.20 (for those who take only one bus and don't live in the cities outside Natal, such as Parnamirim or Extremoz). Working 20 days a month, the cost of transportation will be R$ 64. This is nearly 20% of the current Brazilian minimum wage, R$ 350.

People with a formal job (big shops, factories, etc) receive, by law, on top of salaries, tickets to pay for the transportation. The most affected by the increase will be those who don't have a formal job, who are a significant part (possibly the majority) of the working class of Natal.


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