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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Price of essential food in Natal

In Brazil, there is something called "cesta básica" (essential basket), which is a theoretical basket containing all the essential food that a typical family (parents and two kids) needs to live during one month.
The contents of the basket are defined by DIEESE, an institution in São Paulo which studies prices, employment and other macro-economic variables; DIEESE surveys the variation of the cost of an essential basket as a means to assess inflation.

The complete list of essential food is here. Translation: beef (6 kg), milk (7.5 liters), beans (4.5 kg), rice (3 kg), flour (1.5 kg), potato (6 kg), tomato (9 kg), bread (6 kg), coffee (600 g), banana (7.5 dozens), sugar (3 kg), cooking oil (900 ml), butter (750 g). And just that!

DIEESE published the results of the April survey; check here.
In Natal, in April 2006, the price of the basket was R$ 132.26; at the current course of US$ 1 = R$ 2.20 or 1 Euro = R$ 2.70, the basket costs 60 dollars or 49 euros.
The most expensive basket among the capital cities in Brazil is in São Paulo, R$ 177.28; next come Brasilia (R$ 173.29) and Rio de Janeiro (R$ 168.68). The cheapest basket is in Fortaleza (R$ 125.03), next comes Natal.

Notice that this basket includes only food. DIEESE also calculates every month what the minimum salary should be to satisfy the essential needs of a typical family, including food, health, clothes, transportation, leisure, education and so on.
For April, DIEESE said that the minimum salary should be R$ 1,489.33. The actual minimum salary was, until March, R$ 300; in April, there will be an adjustment to R$ 350.

Read more about cost of living in Brazil.


Blogger hollyplant said...

Hi my husband and I have just bought a property in Cabedelo and do you know what the price of essential food is there? I suppose it is closest to Joao Pessoa but forgive my total lack of Brazilian geographical knowledge, as i am from the UK and we are moving out early in the new year and we cant wait! So we are just trying to learn as much culture and news as we can!

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