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Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's jabuticaba season in Natal.

Jabuticaba (scientific name Myrciaria cauliflora) is said to be a fruit which exists only in Brazil. It is originary from the Atlantic Forest, in Brazil; as it is fragile, it is unlike it will be exported. If you want to taste a fruit you won't find in any other country, try jabuticaba.

It is more commonly found in the Southern States, but I saw some people selling them in the street cross between Hiper and Nordestão, in Ponta Negra. By the way, these guys who sell fruits on streets are one of the best options to buy fruits in Natal: first, because they sell cheaper than supermarkets (they don't pay taxes, rent, advertising, etc); besides, to sell cheaper, they have to sell the fruits which are at harvest time, and this usually means the fruits which are sweeter and of better quality.

Back to jabuticaba: it is one of the sweetest fruits I've ever tasted; each jabuticaba looks like a grape, but with a thicker skin.
To eat a jabuticaba, put it between your front teeth, bite it and let the pulp splash into your mouth (seeds are small); throw the skin out.

See some photos of a jabuticaba tree.

Below, a photo of a jabuticaba (fork and knife only to give an idea of size). Price: starting price for a bag with about 500 g was R$ 2; final price was R$ 5 for 3 bags; it could have been lower, but those guys are usually honest hard workers, no need to exploit them.


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