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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fortress of Wise Kings is refurbished

The Government of Rio Grande do Norte invested R$ 650,000 (about US$ 300,000) to refurbish the Fortress of the Wise Kings (Forte dos Reis Magos).

The hydraulic and electric systems were renewed; the tiles of the roof were changed; the fortress was painted; the walkway which gives access to the fort was rebuilt; special access for people with disabilites is now available.
Also, in the outside, the parking loot was expanded; the handicrafters, who had to expose their work on rustic tables, now will have kioskes to sell their production.

The most serious problem with the Fortress, however, was the lack of information; last time we visited it, the few signs were in Portuguese only, and guides spoke only Portuguese and basic Spanish. We will pay another visit soon.

Read more about the Fort of Wise Kings.


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