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Monday, April 10, 2006

Football : Baraúnas is Rio Grande do Norte champion

The State of Rio Grande do Norte doesn't have much presence in Brazilian football. The two main teams are America and ABC, both from Natal; the former is disputing the second division of the Brazilian championship, and the latter is in the third division.

Now, the teams in Natal are losing even the predominance within the State.
Yesterday, the teams of Baraúnas and Potiguar, both from Mossoró, played the final match. For the first time ever, Baraúnas was State champion (Potiguar was champion in 2004, beating America in the finals). Baraúnas is now entitled to play the third division of Brazilian championship, and also to participate of Copa do Brasil, the same tournament which brought Flamengo to play against ABC a few weeks ago (see note on this blog).

There are positive and negative points in the State having a small role in Brazilian football.
Negative: it is very unlikely that Natal will see Ronaldinho or any other Brazilian star playing here.
Positive: football in Natal is for fun; in other Brazilian States (e.g., Pernambuco), the rivalry between fans sometimes turns into violence. Going to Machadão or to recently opened Frasqueirão may be a good option for tourists.

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