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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Federal Police raids nightclub in Ponta Negra

Around 2 am of this April 1st, Federal agents started a blitz in the nightclub Hollywood, in Ponta Negra beach.
There were 110 foreigners without their passports; they were all taken to the Federal Police office. According to the Federal Police, all foreigners must carry their passports all the time while in Brazil; the foreigners taken to the Police who could ask someone to bring their passports were only fined in R$ 166.55 (about US$ 80); those who could not produce the passport were given three days to do it, under risk of deportation.
There were more than 200 girls in the nightclub (all over 18 years of age); as prostitut*on is not a crime in Brazil, they were all released.

According to the Police, these raids (there was another one a few weeks ago in Pipa) will be more and more frequent. They intent to combat sexual tourism and commerce of drugs.


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