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Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 21st: Brazil National Holiday

April 21st is one of Brazil National Holidays.
This date, Brazilians remember Tiradentes, the Martyr of Independence.
In 1792, when Brazil was still a colony of Portugal, a group of rebels organized an Independence movement in Minas Gerais. The group had participation of State staff, entrepreneurs, intelectuals; Tiradentes was the poorest of all, but he assumed responsibility, and was the only one sentenced to death (by hanging).
Tiradentes means "tooth puller" and is the nickname of Joaquim José da Silva Xavier; he is one of the few Brazilian heroes.
Read more about Tiradentes.

In National Holidays, the public service stops, corporations also take a break, most shops open late. Many Brazilians take short trips; it's common to find people from Recife and Fortaleza in hotels and restaurants, as well as in the major touristic spots (particularly the buggy rides).


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