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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Total eclipse of the Sun

On March 29th 2006, there will happen a total eclipse of the Sun, a rare event in which Earth, Moon and Sun become aligned; the shadow of the Moon will be projected on Earth, and the Sun will be temporarily invisible.
Natal will be one of the places on Earth where the eclipse will be total (the Sun will be entirely covered); there will be other places with total eclipse, such as Nigeria, Libia, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and Mongolia, but Natal is one of the largest urban areas to see the event.
total eclipse of the Sun in NatalThis animated figure, by NASA, shows the path of the shadow on Earth. Read what NASA wrote about the eclipse; see digital images of the eclipse.

On the 29th, the Sun will raise already partially covered; the peak of the eclipse will be around 5h30 am.
To watch the eclipse safely, special eyes protection is required (sunglasses won't do); read more here.
We will try to follow the phenomenon and put more info later on.

Updated March 29th: see some photos of the total eclipse of the Sun in Natal.

Udated March 30th: report by the Washington Post on the eclipse (check out the photos gallery).


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