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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Short stretch of highway concentrates high percentage of accidents in Natal

The Highway Federal Police in Rio Grande do Norte is responsible for overseeing 1,345 km of federal highways in the State.
Statistics released today show that a short stretch of only 15 km concentrates more than 35% of the total number of accidents. This is the stretch of the BR-101 which is located in the urban area of Natal, between the Complex 4th Centenary (the bridges and loops near the Machadão stadium) and the newly opened Parnamirim Complex, near the airport (bridges and loops which split the traffic between Parnamirim, Natal and Mossoró).
The Federal Police says that an average of 3.2 accidents happen daily along this stretch; the number of fatalities, however, is very low (only one person died in the first two months of 2006). According to the Police, this happens because of the high flow of vehicles which enter and leave the highway, causing lateral and back bumpings (frontal shocks, which cause more fatalities, are rare).

Another dangerous spot, which responds for about 15% of the accidents, is the stretch between Km 170 and 176 of BR-406, right after the Igapó bridge (BR-406 is the highway which connects the Northern Zone of Natal to the beaches of the northern coast of Rio Grande do Norte).
Another bit of information was about the total number of cars in the State: there were 460,000 in January of last year, and 473,000 January of this year.


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