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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rio Grande do Norte to use Wind Energy

wind energy
Photo: Marcelo Barroso
Today, these first fifteen large fans which turn wind energy into electricity start live testing. The fans are installed in Rio do Fogo, about 70 km North of Natal, and were constructed by Enerbrasil, the branch of Spanish giant Iberdrola which operates renewable sources of energy.
Commercial operation is scheduled to start in the first half of June. When the 32 fans of this first stage are all operating, the combined power will be about 49 MW.

The privileged position of Rio Grande do Norte, almost right on the Equatorial line, and in the eastern extreme of the country, permits the generation of this large amount of energy in an absolutely clean way.
Brazil doesn't use much nuclear energy - only three plants are working, in Rio de Janeiro; the main source of energy is hydroelectricity, which usually requires the creation of dams, which may have severe impacts on environment.

There are other sources of clean energy being constructed in Rio Grande do Norte. Wind fans are being built in Guamaré, in the west coast; combined with Rio do Fogo, the wind power will reach 140 MW. Besides, a thermal plant is being built in Açu, about 200 km west of Natal; this plant will have a power of 345 MW.

When all these projects are done, Rio Grande do Norte will be not only the largest user of clean energy in Brazil, but will also be a State self-suficient in energy.


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