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Friday, March 31, 2006

Natal: a city preoccupied with visual quality

Natalenses know they live in one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil, and have a preoccupation to keep it like that.
Streets are reasonably clean, gardens are well kept. The law prevents a high concentration of high buildings. There are attractives to new industries, but they must be built in the outskirts, in accordance with development plans. IDEMA is the official body in charge of, at once, Enviroment and Economic Development.

A few months ago, the enviroment protection agencies noticed that some businesses (restaurants and car rentals) were illegaly taking space in one of the margins of Av. Roberto Freire. Construction there is prohibited because it would prevent people in the avenue from having the view in the photo below.
enviroment in Natal
There is a discussion in Justice to decide whether or not the businesses should be simply demolished.

Now, another evidence that Natal is concerned with the visual quality of life.
A new hotel is being built; estimated cost is R$ 50 mil (about US$ 20 mil); when ready, it should be the biggest of all hotels in Via Costeira.
The problem is that the hotel is being built in disaccordance with the project approved by the city. The actual area is almost the double of the projected; there is even one extra floor (maximum height of building in Via Costeira is 15 meters, which feet seven floors; the new hotel had eight floors).
SEMURB, the Secretary of Urbanization, ordered the building to be stopped. The company appealed to SEMURB and in Justice, but its main argument is that their investment will create more business and jobs.
SEMURB maintained the interdition.


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