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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Natal celebrates International Women's Day

women in NatalWith the presence of Governor Wilma de Faria, Natal celebrated the March 8th, International Women's Day.
The Governor participated of a parade (photo) in downtown. In the Teatro Alberto Maranhão, she handed awards to women with a relevant role in the State in the past year.
Out of the 27 Brazilian States, two are governed by women: Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Norte.
Rio Grande do Norte was the first Brazilian State to concede rights for women to vote and be voted, back in 1928. The first two Brazilian women to enroll for voting were Julia Barbosa de Natal and Celina Vianna, both from Mossoró, in 1928; also, the same year, the first woman to be elected Mayor was Alzira Teixeira Soriano, in the city of Lages, about 120 km West of Natal.

The following article (in Portuguese) brings interesting information about women rights.
The first country where women could vote was New Zealand, in 1893. Australia came next, in 1902. In Europe, the first country was Finland, in 1906.
Brazil could have been the pioneer. In the Constitution of 1891, the first after Brazil became a Republic, there was a provision for women's vote; however, some influential Senators managed to exclude the provision from the final text, alleging that "we don't want to drag into the turmoil of political passions the sweet and angelical side of the human genders" !!.


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