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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More charter flights to Natal

The Tourism Board of Rio Grande do Norte announced today that Reinatour, a Czech tour operator, will operate weekly charter flights to Natal; in a first stage, there will be flights from November 2006 through April 2007.
The fact is relevant not only because of the tourists, but also because Natal consolidates its image of important tourist destination among Europeans.

Another news which has been in the newspapers the past days is the possibility of changing the law to make it easier for Americans to visit Brazil.
Currently, the Brazilian legislation demands that there is a reciprocity in the treatment to grant visas; Brazilians not only need a Visa to enter USA, but they must pay fees in excess of US$ 100, and wait many hours in lines; thus, American citizens must have a Visa, and must pay US$ 100 for it (the bureaucracy should be smaller, though).
The Minister of Tourism is attempting to change the law and exempt Americans from applying to a visa. If this happens, he says, the number of American tourists in Brazil should triple.
The Minister of Foreign Relations is against the changes in the reciprocity legislation, though.


Blogger Im said...

we are a big community of brasilian citizen living in the canary islands.
we welcome reinatour with their new flight from PRAG to natal.You may dont know las palmas or tenerife is only 4hours and 30minutes from NATAL!
we hope that REINATOUR or any other airline flying from europe make a stopover in Las palmas/tenerife that we save somany flighthours to fly to natal via madrid,lisbon,london,amsterdam or milano.this is for every canarian citizen mor flying hours up to9hours more then tenerife/laspalmas nonstop to natal.unbelievable,the flight gotenborg sweden las palmas natal existing allready but the operator
from stockholm said we have only technical landing but no traffic rights!If you hear anybody flying from canaries to natal pse contact

6:41 AM  

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