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Information about the city of Natal, in Brazil.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Flamengo played a match in Natal

Flamengo won ABC yesterday by 1 x 0, playing in the new ABC's stadium, Frasqueirão.

Flamengo is simply the most popular football team in Brazil. Flamengo was Brazilian champion in five occasions. All recent surveys show that Flamengo is the team with most fans in Brazil; this happens because, in the States where there is not a team capable of winning national titles, the fans adopt another team to root for - and usually this team is Flamengo.

The main teams of Rio Grande do Norte (América and ABC) are playing in the Second and Third Divisions of the national championship; so, it is not very common to see the biggest teams playing in Natal. However, there is another championship, called Copa do Brasil, in which all teams, small or big, stand a chance; this is the opportunity that América, ABC and other teams (from the interior of the State) have to, at least, dispute a match with important clubs.

Because these matches are rare, they draw a lot of attention. The stadium gets crowded. If all you want is to see Brazilian football, it's better to go to a match between local teams.


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