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Friday, March 03, 2006

Erosion affects beaches in Rio Grande do Norte

It is a well known fact that the ecological agressions that men inflict to Nature are changing weather in many parts of the world.
Another consequence of the agressions is the advance of the tides; every year, the sea water goes further into the continent, and the beaches become narrower.
In Rio Grande do Norte, the situation is most serious around the beach of Pititinga, about 70 km North of Natal, near Maracaja├║ and Rio do Fogo.
Newspapers today say that houses built by the sea were wrecked last weekend; of course, when the houses were built, their owners supposed they were at a safe distance from the sea. Many other houses have been abandoned. Local dwellers said that the phenomenon started years ago, and is getting worse by the day.
Local papers also say that the change in tides may cause troubles to Morro do Careca, in Natal. We will try to take a look.


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