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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bus terminal in Natal is the worst in Brazil

Tribuna do Norte published today an article about the main Bus Terminal in Natal.
Natal has two bus terminals. The older one in Ribeira, near Teatro Alberto Maranhão, is today used by some local buses; there is not much that a tourist should be doing there.
In comparison, the new bus terminal, in the Cidade da Esperança, looks much better. This terminal is hub for all interstate buses and buses to cities in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte, including the beaches.

The new Bus Terminal was built 25 years ago, and never saw a refurbishing. Users complain about the lack of information and signalization and about the bad conditions of the toillets.
According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Association of Bus Companies in 2003, the terminal of Natal was the worst in Brazil; the survey comprehended 39 terminals in 25 of 27 Brazilian States.

The administrators, when informed about the complaints, said that there is a plan to overhaul the terminal, but there is no prediction on when it will be executed.


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