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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Authorities to act against prostitution in Natal

In the past two years, with the explosion of tourism, Natal has been facing a growing problem: prostitution.
The problem had been known for some time, but the authorities were turning a blind eye. Last week, TV Globo, the major Brazilian television, let the cat out of the bag; Globo broadcasted some reports about tourism and prostitution in Natal and Fortaleza.
Prostitution is not illegal in Brazil. Like all major cities in Brazil, Natal have a number of poor and uneducated people who resort to prostitution; now, with the influx of foreigners, women willing to engage in sex commerce come from all over the country to Natal.

Yesterday, the Secretary of Tourism of Natal conducted a hearing to discuss the problem.
A hotel owner, ex-Secretary of Tourism, suggested that Natal should screen the tourists coming into the city. However, he didn't explain (at least the newspapers didn't publish the explanations) which criteria to use to screen, and what to do to prevent anyone from entering the city.
The Secretary of Tourism of Natal said that the government is concerned with the problem, and organized discussion groups which meet every fifteen days. He said that, according to DETRAN (the Department of Transit), monitoring cameras will be installed in the main touristic corridors withing 60 days; again, he didn't explain how this measure can have practical effects.

A professor from the Federal University came up with a more effective idea: changing the way that the city promotes itself abroad. According to this professor, in a recent trip to Spain, he saw promotional material which exhibited images of a beautiful woman on the foreground, with the natural beauties of Natal in the background. According to him, this material passed the idea that the women are an attractive by themselves.


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