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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pre-carnival in Natal

Officially, carnival goes from Saturday through Tuesday. In the days before carnival, there are some events called pre-carnival, which are a preparation for the real feast; in Rio, the pre-carnival starts a few days earlier; in Bahia, it starts a few weeks earlier.
Carnival in Natal is not very popular; I read somewhere that a few years ago there was a major incident involving a bus, which killed tens of people during carnival in the late 1980s, and that incident would have been the main reason for the weakening of carnival in the city (I will try to post more about this later).
However, like everywhere else in Brazil, there are people who enjoy and love carnival. These people try to maintain the traditions of old days and maintain carnival alive.
Tribuna published an article today about pre-carnival in Natal. Carnival lovers will meet in PetrĂ³polis, in front of Confeitaria Ateneu, for a ball of masks. The event is free, not moved by $$$, but by true carnival lovers. Other events happen in the PetrĂ³polis area, all organized by genuine carnival partiers. This is a traditional event, likely to happen again in 2007 and years to come.


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