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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Federal Police raids nightclub in Pipa, searching for drugs.

Pipa is known to be a cosmopolitan place, visited by young people from many countries. Pipa has one of the busiest nightlifes in Brazilian northeast.
Yesterday, the Federal Police raided a nightclub in Pipa (attention: the name of the nightclub is Calangos; DO NOT go to the website at www.pipa.c* ; it looks like this site tries to install a virus or other malware).
According to the Federal Police officials, there were denounces that the use of drugs was being tolerated in that place. During the raid, five Brazilians and 29 foreigners were caught with small portions of marijuana and cocaine; following Brazilian legislation, the Brazilians and the foreigners who were holding their papers were filed and will respond in freedom (use of drugs is a contravention, not a crime, in Brazil; maximum penalty for this contravention is 2 years, and, in such cases, the offender may respond in freedom; traffic of drugs, OTOH, is an non-bailable crime); foreigners who didn't have papers may be deported.

The Federal Police said that one of the intentions of these raids is to prevent the spreading of rumors that Pipa is a free zone for drug users. Officials said that these raids will be repeated during carnival, both in Pipa and in Ponta Negra, the busiest beaches of Rio Grande do Norte.


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