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Foreigners need an specific visa to work in Brazil, even if in temporary jobs. In Natal, however, the Federal Police and the Labour Ministry (which are both understaffed and overbusy) have never been seen chasing illegal workers.
If you think about finding paid work, be aware that salaries are low and opportunities are few. Some foreigners can find temporary jobs as language teachers (better to offer private lessons than to try the schools), tourist guides (Swedish tourists would probably like a Swedish speaking guide) or teaching specific skills (diving, tattooing, etc).

Voluntary Work

If you are considering to volunteer in Natal and Brazil, visit the sites below:
Natal Voluntarios In Portuguese only. Volunteer work in Natal In Portuguese only. Volunteering opportunities are sorted by City (first field of the form), by District (second field) and by Area (third field). Over 4000 entities looking for volunteers.

Iko Poran English version. Based on Rio de Janeiro, this Non Government Organization helps foreigners find volunteering jobs in Brazil. Excellent information source on the matter.

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