Weather in Natal, Brazil

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The graph below shows average temperature (orange line) and pluviosity (blue bars) in Natal along the year.

Source: Brazilian Institute of Aerospace Research - INPE.

Notice that seasons of year are opposite in Hemisphere North and South.
Brazilian seasons are: summer (22 Dec - 21 March); Autumn (21 March - 22 June); Winter (22 June - 22 September); Spring (22 September - December); there may be variation of one day.
Click the next link to read more about the seasons of the year.

The graph shows that:
- even in the colder winter season, average temperature in Natal is about 24o C (75o F);
- the graph shows average temperatures; actual temperatures during the day are higher.
- there is a concentration of rain from March to July;
- even at the peak of the wet season, the pluviosity levels in Natal are at only 200 mm; in Recife, peak levels are 400 mm, and in Fortaleza, 350 mm.

Other interesting info about climate in Natal:
- because Natal is near the Equatorial Line, the sun at midday will be right overhead nearly every day of the year.
- thunders and bolts are rare in Natal. Bolts are electric discharges, caused by the the friction between masses of hot and cold air (this contact causes the hot air to condensate, becoming rain drops). In Natal, the rainy clouds are formed far into the Atlantic, and then move towards the continent.

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