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There are two major newspapers in Natal, both with online versions:
Tribuna do Norte
Diario de Natal
None of them is published on Mondays. Both are focused on local news, and are fed by the bigger News Agencies from the south or from abroad.
The most influencial Brazilian newspapers are published in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo; all have online versions, but some restrictions may apply to full access.
O Globo
Jornal do Brasil
Folha de Sao Paulo
O Estado de Sao Paulo
O Globo and Jornal do Brasil are printed in Rio de Janeiro, the other two are from Sao Paulo; O Globo and o Estado are more conservative, while Folha and JB are more "progressists". If you are interested in information about economy in Brazil, visit Gazeta Mercantil


This magazine called O Foco (hardcopy available in Newstands) is published in Natal and entirely focused on the state of Rio Grande do Norte.
The biggest Brazilian magazines are:
Isto …
Long ago, it used to be the case that magazines had a bias (pro or against government); today, all magazines seem to be politically unbiased.
Playboy publishes a Brazilian version.


Most hotels in Natal offer cable television, so you won't have to watch Brazilian television.
However, if you want to, you can watch Brazilian channels; there are about eight chains with national coverage, most of them present in Natal (actual number depends on the antennas used).
The most watched channel is TV Globo (belongs to holding O Globo, one of the biggest media groups in the world); the news Jornal Nacional, around 8pm (7pm during the daylight savings season), has the highest audience in Brazilian television; right after the news, another favorite Brazilian pastime: the novelas (soapbox operas), exported to tens of countries.
The quality of programmes varies much, going from insulting low to award winning high quality; Brazilian marketing agencies very often win important international prizes; there is a channel run by the Government, TV Cultura, with a more cultural programmation. Also worthy a look is TV Senado, which transmits (usually live, when there are sessions) from the Brazilian Senate; IMHO, images pass the impression of a civilized country.

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