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Leaving by plane
If you are in a tour package, make sure that there is a transport service to the airport included in the price.
If you need to save money, you can take the same bus which goes from Natal to Parnamirim.
If you prefer a taxi, read these tips. There are several phone taxis which serve all Natal, including the airport; usually they have a price table, but very commonly you can negotiate a discount by shopping around; call a few companies, go with the cheapest. Even better is to try to negotiate a deal with a taxi driver you hired during your stay in Natal; usually he makes a better price (just make sure you know how much you would pay to a phone taxi, and get at least that same price), he knows where you are staying, you can setup a convenient time to be picked up; remember to ask a business card to a driver you like.
Arrive early to the airport. As everywhere in the world, show up time is one hour before departure for domestic flights and two hours for international. If you are in a charter, ask its operator.
Security measures Security is very slack compared to any other places.
When you are boarding a plane which will fly out of the country, the Federal Police checks out the dispatched luggage; they don't tell much about what they do, but it's known that their main concern is weapons and drugs. The hand luggage passes through an X-ray machine, passengers go through a metal detector. Your passport will be checked.
If you are in domestic fligh, just check in, show the boarding pass, go through X-ray and metal detector, wait for the plane.
There's no other restriction based on nationality, religion, age, whatever. Terrorists are the last concern of the Police forces in Natal.
Usually, you don't see the customs when leaving the country, but keep some facts in mind. First, check out what your customs will allow or not into your country. Also, remember that there are some laws restricting the export of some plants, animals and archeological objects; if you have any doubt about something you are taking, check out before hand; smuggling animals is qualified as hediondous crime, which means you can't bail out (kill someone, hire a good lawyer, wait for judgment at home; kill a parrot, not even the best lawyer can take you out of prison).

Leaving by bus
If leaving by bus, you'd better buy your ticket in advance.
Buses usually keep time, so arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time. No officials will ask for your papers.

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