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Natal is the capital city of the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Brazilian Constitution divides the country in States, and the States are divided in municipalities.
Voters in the States elect a Governor and State Representatives; States also have a Wilma de FariasJudiciary branch, composed by judges and a Superior Tribunal.
The Governor in office is Mrs. Wilma Maria de Faria, elected in 2002 and in office since Jan. 1st 2003 for a four year term. Mrs. Faria had been mayor of Natal for two consecutive terms. She is affiliated with center-leftist PSB - Partido Socialista Brasileiro (Brazilian Socialist Party).
The official site of State government is:

Update 2006: in 2006, Wilma de Farias was re-elected for a second term; read more here.

Information about the State Representatives can be found at the website of the Legislative Chamber of Rio Grande do Norte and about the Judiciary Branch can be found at the site of the Tribunal of Justice of Rio Grande do Norte.

The city of Natal elects a mayor and the members of a municipal council (vereadores); according to Brazilian Constitution, the councils have legislative enpowerments (albeit restricted to local matters); there is no Judiciary branch.
The Mayor in office is Mr. Carlos Eduardo Alves, from the same party (PSB) as the governor. Mr. Alves was elected as vice-mayor in the 2000 campaign, which Mrs. Faria won; after Mrs. Faria resigned to run for the state government, Mr. Alves was sworn in office. Municipal elections are scheduled for 2004. Update: In the municipal elections of 2004, Mr. Carlos Eduardo Alves was re-elected for another four year term; he was favorite from the beginning, but he only won after a second round; as in the absolute majority of the country, elections were fair, the results were announced quickly (a few hours after the ballots were closed) and not disputed.
The official site of municipal government is:
Information about the municipal council of Natal are at

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